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Message from the Managing Director of PT. Hexpharm Jaya

Through travel and long experience entering four decades, PT. Hexpharm Jaya Laboratories (HJ) more stable in positioning it self as a pharmaceutical company quality and economical.

With a mission to build healthier communities, HJ providing health products needed by the people of Indonesia, while maintaining quality from development to production processes. This is supported by the spirit of service and integrity, and through a process of continuous improvement, so as to create products that are useful and efficacious health for the people of Indonesia.

Concern for the customer, encouraging us to be present to provide this website as an information window for Mr / Ms who want to know more about HJ drug information, health-related information that is useful to broaden the Mr / Ms, as well as various corporate activities that support the quality of drug- drugs we produce. Hopefully, with this service, can enhance good relationship with Mr / Ms as a customer that we respect.

Finally, the great hope of our Father / Mother can provide input for our further improvement. Thank you for visiting.


Mulia Lie
President Director